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What do Angela Lansbury, Amanda Lepore, John Waters, Snoop Dogg, and Liza Minnelli Have in Common?

What do Angela Lansbury, Amanda Lepore, John Waters, Snoop Dogg, and Liza Minnelli Have in Common?



John Waters glasses
John Waters photographed by
Terry Richardson


Answer: The Moscot “Terry”


I have been buying my frames at the venerable Moscot (formerly “Sol Moscot”) since way before the brand was hip.  In fact, when I started shopping there in the mid-1990s, it was just a sort of old-fashioned place with a big yellow sign on 14th street.  Much has changed over the years.  Now it’s a leading international brand with a big yellow sign on 14th street, and I have enjoyed watching Moscot grow from a somewhat unassuming family business, with roots in New York going back to 1915, to the optical brand preferred by hipsters, celebrities, and others (me).  I’ve often wondered if this metamorphosis was in any way abetted by its location—literally on top of the “hipster express”—the “L” train stop at 6th Avenue (yes, I still call it 6th Avenue and will never, ever call it by its twee, group-hug appellation “Avenue of the Americas”).

Snoop Dog glasses
Snoop Dog photographed by Terry Richardson

On a recent trip there, I was struck by the number of celebrities on their expansive picture wall who all sported a frame called the “Terry.”  I asked my friend Arthur Rodriguez who manages the 14th street store why and he explained that they were named for photographer Terry Richardson, who captured an illustrious group of bold faced names wearing his namesake frames with his camera.  The results are quite interesting and, I realized, very Stargayzing.

Amanda Lepore glasses
Amanda Lepore photographed by Terry Richardson
Liza Minnelli glasses
Liza photographed by Terry Richardson

Like all frame styles, the “Terry” isn’t for everyone.  I can’t really decide who looks odder in the style, Ms. Lepore or Ms. Minnelli; there is something about the geek squad frame and enormous false eyelashes that creates a bit of cognitive dissonance, but what do I know?  John Waters certainly looks dapper, as does Mr. Dogg (or is it “Mr. Lion” now?).  But in my humble opinion, it’s the ageless, elegant Angela Lansbury, who wins Stargayzing’s most-terrific-in-the-Terry-other-than-Terry-Richardson-himself award.  The five-time Tony winner looks like she’s about to solve a mystery or advise you on what college to go to.  Fact is, when Miss Lansbury wears the “Terry” it would be very hard to not take whatever she says as the final word on the subject.

Who do you think wears the Terry best?

Angela Lansbury glasses
Angela Lansbury photographed by Terry Richardson


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