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A 1980s Lesbian Music Video that is Hypnotically Awful

A 1980s Lesbian Music Video that is Hypnotically Awful


If you’ve ever pondered what a group of theatrically inclined lesbians with big dreams, a song in their hearts, and a video camera might do for fun in 1987, prepare to rejoice for your prayers have been answered. Completely out of the blue, my brother Jonathan sent me “Cool Gleam” and we all must acknowledge a debt to his curatorial prowess, for when it comes to Huey Lewis-era pop tunes, this coven of warbling womyn were second to none.1980s lesbian music

The blurry 5,000th generation VHS tape quality somehow adds to Cool Gleam’s intoxicating blend of sapphic mirth. A triumph of retro D.I.Y. creativity from the late analog period, the mystery of the origin of this artifact is probably lost to time. Oh, and don’t think that putting the URL burned into the video”” will provide any answers (as I did), for it links to an Amazon page for an out of stock Google Chrome case HDMI streaming media player—whatever that is.

Instead let’s just be glad that Cool Gleam exists at all and that it fell into Stargayzing’s bedazzled bassinet of bad music.

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