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Every Picture Tells A Story: “Rod Stewart” Spotted Again??

Every Picture Tells A Story: “Rod Stewart” Spotted Again??

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Stargayzing readers know that I may or may not have run into Rod Stewart on the A train last week.  I was just letting go of the idea that I would never be able to confirm whether or not “Rod Stewart” was indeed Rod Stewart, when I saw him again!  This time I was on 57th street and Broadway and running late for a meeting when I saw “Rod” (or Rod) walk right past me and into a bank.  Naturally I was shocked, but not too shocked to think on my feet and do what anyone in my position would do: I ran after him, so determined was I to get another picture too memorialize this strange coincidence and put it to a group vote on the blog.  And don’t think for a second that it was easy to obtain a stealth photo of this man while pretending to be using an ATM.  I had to hold the iPhone with my left hand at waist level, take the picture with one hand without being able to look through the viewfinder, while pretending to fumble with bank card with an open wallet.  The word to perfectly describe what I looked like trying to get this photo is a word you don’t hear much anymore: spastic.

Mind you I would never even think to snap a picture of an actual celebrity, but the “is he or isn’t he” fascination is a different thing than seeing a star.  I suppose this has now well moved beyond whether this guy is actually Rod Stewart and is more about the fact that I keep seeing him!  Crazy.

P.S.  I am now fairly sure that this is not Rod Stewart, which in no way impinges on my enjoyment of the frivolity!

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