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<strong>The Top-Ten Stargayzing Pieces of 2012!</strong>

The Top-Ten Stargayzing Pieces of 2012!

Munk's Junk (Everything Else)

tumblr_mdapy9s5So1r0d23ho1_5001.  What Really Killed Whitney Houston?  On the Mainstream Media’s Coverup Of the Star’s Sexuality: or, The Greatest Love of All





Unknown2.  The Son Also Rises: Jason Gould Finds His Voice.  A Stargayzing Exclusive Interview





michael-jackson-around-1975-happy-and-young3.  How a 45-Minute Visit with Michael Jackson Led to Years of Nightmares





Barbra+Streisand+streisand34.  In Honor of Barbra Streisand’s 70th Birthday: How America’s Greatest Voice Helped Me Find My Own





Unknown-15.  “Dim All The Lights” for Donna Summer, One of Our Greatest Singers (in Any Genre)





Unknown-36.  13 Songs That Should Have Been Top-Ten Hits: or, Has the Beat Killed Melody on American Radio?





tumblr_m26xhomtbZ1qcowa0o1_5007.  Notes From the Honeycomb Hideout, Part Four: “Annie Hall,” or, Younger Brother Inadvertently Steals Dream, Immortalized in One of the Most Lauded Film Comedies of All-Time—I Mount Drag Show in Basement!





photo_fran_drescher8.  The Whine Heard Around the World! An Exclusive Stargayzing Interview with Actress, Activist, and Advocate Fran Drescher





jackiecollins9.  The Gayest Song of All Time!  or, How Bruce Roberts and I Got Jackie Collins in the Recording Studio and Learned the Difference between Good and Bad Leopard Print!





6.10.87precinct6110.  What Not To Where When Going To Prison: or, How One Bad Decision and Three Loose Pills Sent Me To The Slammer For Three Days With Eyeliner and Crimped Hair, Part One