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Martin Scorcese on Movie Palaces: <i>Stargayzing</i> Quote of the Day:

Martin Scorcese on Movie Palaces: Stargayzing Quote of the Day:


New York Capitol Theater

“When I was a child there was a promise of wonder in the movie theater experience.  The nicest theaters were spectacles themselves and the screens were huge.  This is something that has been lost to younger audiences, who see films either on television or on tiny screens in small cinderblock rooms.  But when I was growing up, the great movie palaces were still intact, and they intesified the expectations that a child brings to any experience.  And there were some movies that fulfilled those expectations, that possessed a fullness of imagination and a richness of experience that left me satisfied — and to have childhood dreams met is something you don’t forget.”

 – Martin Scorcese in his forward to cinematographer Jack Cardiff’s memoir Magic Hour (1996)

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