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Quote of the Day: David Niven from His Autobiography <i>The Moon’s a Balloon</i>

Quote of the Day: David Niven from His Autobiography The Moon’s a Balloon


David Niven black and white

“There was an excitement and generosity of spirit in Hollywood—a minimum of jealousy and pettiness, everyone felt they were still pioneering in a wonderful entertainment medium.

The premieres of the big pictures were black tie events and all the big names turned out to cheer on their friends. Outside, bleachers were erected to enable the screaming fans to catch a glimpse of their favourites and searchlights waved weaved patterns across the sky. After the show, a loudspeaker alerted the fans to the departing of the great—
Mr. Clark Gable’s car!
Miss Marlene Dietrich’s car!
Miss Constance Bennett’s car!
Miss Shirley Temple’s mother’s car! and on one glorious occasion—
Mr. Alfred Hitchcar’s cock!”

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