Le Crap: A Gallery of Unusual Objets From My Personal Collection



Me, Sandi and my rainbow suspenders, 1981 (note the "Who Killed J.R. Ewing?" button, which I also still have!)

I collect buttons, patches, records, matchbox cars and photographs,vintage clothing and things that are much less common, like decaying dolls.  I’m not exactly a hoarder because I don’t think it’s a pathology.  I prefer to think of myself as a saver, with a very layered aesthetic.  Lots of layers, crappy layers. I enjoy combining my crap in different crappy combinations that I rotate like an installation around my house. Maybe there should be a new appellation, like Crapallations!

I’ve always been this way. Maybe I’m a saver because we were poor when I was young.  This used to be called “thrift” and it was considered an attribute once upon a time.  I’m sure I was influenced by my Great Grandma Eva, who was shtetl poor and reused aluminum foil and tea bags without getting a hard time from anyone.  All of this saving and collecting seemed like more of a problem in my little Manhattan apartments, but now I’ve realized that no matter how big the apartment is, it seems to get full and oppressive.

Me and the same pair of rainbow suspenders, Summer 2010

So I’ve decided to purge and sell some things.  Times being what they are, I’ve suffered a serious career reversal, and until this reversal reverses, I need to make a living.  To be frank, I need the money.  I hesitated, at first, to try to deaccession because I feared that no one would be interested in all my crap, but I decided I’m selling myself short.  Somebody wants four biographies of Henry Winkler!  Anybody? It’s time to let go and let other people enjoy these things.

So I am proud to present Le Crap: A Gallery of Unusual Objets From My Personal Collection!  Everything you will see has been lovingly and thoughtfully curated by moi and presented to you, dear reader  at extremely low insider prices.

Check out my collection here!