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<i>Eating With the Stars:</i> Mary Tyler Moore’s Non-Fail Hamburger Stroganoff

Eating With the Stars: Mary Tyler Moore’s Non-Fail Hamburger Stroganoff

Eating With The Stars
Mary Tyler Moore drawing
An artist’s rendering of MTM actually in the act of preparing her Non-Fail Hamburger Stroganoff

“‘There’s a simple supper dish I fix.  It’s no struggle.  It’s so easy to prepare, it’s shameful.  It’s a poor man’s stroganoff made with onions, mushrooms, and sour cream.  Lately, I’ve taken to pouring in a little dry sherry,’ she added, laughing.”


2 cans (3 oz.) mushrooms, drained and chopped

1 medium yellow onion, peeled and diced

2 tbsps. butter or margarine

1 lb. lean ground sirloin

1/2 tsp. salt

few gratings freshly ground pepper

1 cup dairy sour cream


1.  Sauté mushrooms and onion in butter.  Cook until soft.  Shake pan often for even cooking.

2.  Add beef and seasonings to onion mixture.  Cook over medium heat until meat begins to turn grey.  Stir with a fork to prevent meat from lumping.

3.  Remove from heat and pour in sour cream.

4.  Replace skillet over low heat and cook until sauce begins to simmer.  Do not boil!

5.  Serve alone, or over hot cooked rice, buttered noodles tossed with poppy seeds, or toast points.  Great with crisp green salad and hot garlic bread.

Serves 4

NOTE:  Mary advises, “If you wish to delay serving the stroganoff, cover the skillet and reheat just before serving.  It’s a non-fail main dish that can sit as long as you want it to—within reason, that is—without the sauce curdling.”


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