Thursday, February 28th, 2013

One of My Favorite Live Concert Performances Ever: David Bowie and Annie Lennox at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, 1992

David Bowie Annie Lennox Live AidWhen I watch David Bowie and Annie Lennox’s gloriously theatrical and unforgettable performance of “Under Pressure” at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, I am instantly transported to 1992.  The memorable concert, a fitting memorial to the legendary lead singer of Queen who had died from AIDS the year before, took place at London’s Wembley Stadium and included performances by everyone from Elton John to Liza Minnelli (a wobbly but spirited rendition of We Are The Champions).  This mesmerizing duet, originally recorded by Bowie and Queen, stands out as my favorite moment of that show.  In addition to sounding great together, Bowie and Lennox’s chemistry was so dynamic.  It’s obvious they had tremendous regard for each other.

If you haven’t seen this footage in a long time or have never seen it, it’s more than worth a visit—for the performance itself and the chance to travel back to 1992.

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