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How Marge Kaiser Made it From “That Scrapbookin’ Lady Down The Street” to “That Scrapbookin’ Lady on National TV!”

How Marge Kaiser Made it From “That Scrapbookin’ Lady Down The Street” to “That Scrapbookin’ Lady on National TV!”

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Tonight on our show, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, viewers will get a chance to meet my scrapbookin’ lady, Margery Kaiser, known to her friends simply as “Marge.”  I wanted to tell you a little about how Marge was born.

I’ve noticed that lots of guys will give you big glamour with their drag, but that was never really my thing—too easy and too obvi0us.  As I say tonight on the show, “I’m not interested in dressing up like Beyonce, what does interest me is the alcoholic woman who lives at the end of your street.”

I created Marge for Halloween, 2009.  I was casting about for a way to top my ’08 get up, when I stunned Spring Street with a dead-on impersonation of Elisa.  I had been carrying Marge around for several years; initially, I was just fascinated with gals who are crafty with scissors and paper but then she evolved.  I placed her regionally in the mid-west (naturally) and then the whole character developed.  Whereas I am impulsive, flamboyant and childish at times, Marge is eminently practical and conservative.  Her denim jumper is simple.  Her Vera Bradley quilted carryall is light and washable.  She wears her hair short and can’t be bothered with make-up.  Whereas Marge is virtuous and God fearing, I am deeply flawed and just afraid.  One of the things we do have in common is that we both like to keep our crafty hands busy, as Marge loves to say, “idle hands are the devils playthings!”  Oh yeah, and we both love Johnny Mathis!

I decided to bring Marge back for the show for several reasons.  Firstly, because Elisa needed some cheering up in tonight’s episode where Ruby goes to Paris—it’s impossible to be too sad around Marge—but also because I felt like the more successful I was at creating comic counterpoints to everyone else’s humorless pathos, the better the show’s chances for success.

I enjoy being Marge, but the day we filmed it was literally 100 degrees and I suffered terribly in that wig and with all those practical layers.   Tune in tonight to see how I fared!

Due to an astigmatism, Marge has slightly different prescriptions for each eye.

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