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Wing’s “Beat It” Kicks 2016 in the Ass!

Wing’s “Beat It” Kicks 2016 in the Ass!

Happy New Year Stargayzers!  I cannot think of a better way to welcome in the feeling of renewal and flush away the heartburn and heartache of ’16 than by sharing a rathe stunning live Wing performance.  Perhaps you are already familiar with Wing?  I have been a certifiable WingNut for years now and I am hopeful that 2017 might just be the year that the Chinese-by-way-of-New Zealand recording artist breaks big.  Though she has already created a prolific body of work—over 15 albums—that run the gamut from show tunes to AC/DC and has even been satirized on South Park, she is still a fringe artist.  Mature folks like me will appreciate that Wing is truly a Mrs. Miller for the hipster set, no?…
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Joan Crawford’s 1968 Drunken Airport Interview: “I’m a <i>Shtrong</i> Dame”

Joan Crawford’s 1968 Drunken Airport Interview: “I’m a Shtrong Dame”

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“Where did you find her, Miss Crawford?” the interviewer asks of Carol, the terrified six-year-old placed on Joan’s lap as a prop—sort of like the crumpled flowers. One feels for the bewildered child, whom Joan now asphyxiates in the fetid brew of her alcohol- perfume- and cigarette-drenched plane ride. “Oh, I just always pick up children,” the star replies without a hint of irony, clearly unaware that George Cukor is not, in fact, the man behind the camera and that it is no longer 1940.

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