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Bill Withers on Image and Talent

Bill Withers on Image and Talent

  “This just isn’t my time.  I grew up in the age of Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin—where a fat, ugly broad that could sing, had value.  Now everything is about image.” – Bill Withers to Rolling Stone, 2015 Of course Bill Withers is observing something that once aggrieved many music lovers but isn’t part of the conversation much anymore. It was once about the record and looks were useful but not imperative to have a hit song. This changed quickly and irrevocably when MTV exploded in the early-1980s. You didn’t see so many fat singers after that. When Belinda Carlisle had her first solo smash in 1987 with “Mad About You,” I thought that at least half of the excitement…
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Joan Crawford’s 1968 Drunken Airport Interview: “I’m a <i>Shtrong</i> Dame”

Joan Crawford’s 1968 Drunken Airport Interview: “I’m a Shtrong Dame”


“Where did you find her, Miss Crawford?” the interviewer asks of Carol, the terrified six-year-old placed on Joan’s lap as a prop—sort of like the crumpled flowers. One feels for the bewildered child, whom Joan now asphyxiates in the fetid brew of her alcohol- perfume- and cigarette-drenched plane ride. “Oh, I just always pick up children,” the star replies without a hint of irony, clearly unaware that George Cukor is not, in fact, the man behind the camera and that it is no longer 1940.

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