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15 Songs About Peace, Love & Understanding

15 Songs About Peace, Love & Understanding

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In the days after a tragedy like Orlando where it seems that the world (and certainly the world of Stargayzing readers) are grieving, the usual topics of the blog would seem rather tone deaf. I have struggled to find a way back to Stargayzing in this heightened atmosphere of anger, confusion, and pain. After ruminating for several days, I knew the answer must be musical, hence a list of 16 musical messages of hope, empathy, and peace.

Joan Crawford in 1969’s <i>Big Rock Candy Mountain</i>, the Actress’ Last Great Role

Joan Crawford in 1969’s Big Rock Candy Mountain, the Actress’ Last Great Role

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Though one could not accurately describe it as “good acting,” Joan’s work here is nevertheless fully committed and imbued with typical Crawford intensity as she announces to the child and anyone else within earshot of the supermarket entrance: “I’m making a Spanish dinner, gazpacho and paella, if I can find all of the ingredients!”

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