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“Los Angeles 1987,” by Elisa Casas

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David Munk, Elisa Casas
Los Angeles, 1987, by Elisa Casas

Looking back on my college and post-college years, I feel lucky that my best friend Elisa Casas was a photo major and I was her favorite subject. She always had camera in hand and so my late-teens and twenties are pretty well memorialized. The images—and there are many—give me a different perspective on my colorful, coming out story.

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Joan Crawford’s 1968 Drunken Airport Interview: “I’m a <i>Shtrong</i> Dame”

Joan Crawford’s 1968 Drunken Airport Interview: “I’m a Shtrong Dame”


“Where did you find her, Miss Crawford?” the interviewer asks of Carol, the terrified six-year-old placed on Joan’s lap as a prop—sort of like the crumpled flowers. One feels for the bewildered child, whom Joan now asphyxiates in the fetid brew of her alcohol- perfume- and cigarette-drenched plane ride. “Oh, I just always pick up children,” the star replies without a hint of irony, clearly unaware that George Cukor is not, in fact, the man behind the camera and that it is no longer 1940.

15 Songs About Peace, Love & Understanding

15 Songs About Peace, Love & Understanding


In the days after a tragedy like Orlando where it seems that the world (and certainly the world of Stargayzing readers) are grieving, the usual topics of the blog would seem rather tone deaf. I have struggled to find a way back to Stargayzing in this heightened atmosphere of anger, confusion, and pain. After ruminating for several days, I knew the answer must be musical, hence a list of 16 musical messages of hope, empathy, and peace.

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